Why Netbooks are primarily popular.

Netbooks are bound to make dockable laptops much more appealing to home users than they have been until now. Netbooks are lightweight, ultra-portable computing devices priced under $400; they don’t have full graphics functionality or the horsepower of a laptop, but are optimized for Internet access and core computing functions. They are positioned to appeal to road warriors and tech-savvy consu

mers alike, considering they’re connected devices optimized to quench a growing thirst for anytime access to cloud-based applications via high-speed mobile networks. Netbooks are like like a regular laptop except they are smaller. Kind of like the iPhone or one of the 20 Android phones coming out.

Netbooks are underpowered compared to full featured notebooks, when it comes to things such as processor speeds and graphics cards. This makes netbooks less than ideal for processor intensive tasks such as image editing or playing the latest 3D games, and even simple tasks may seem slower on a netbook. Netbooks are often configured with very similar hardware, and Acer(Acer Aspire 3000 battery ) happened to have the least expensive one when I made my purchase. If your a little more serious about "netbook gaming" (oxymoron alert), an MSI wind might be a little more up to par. Netbooks are petite and sweet and they look more like a toy than like a real computer. But they are real and their processing power is enough for browsing the Web, listening to music, reading books, running various applications.

Netbooks are primarily popular because they are inexpensive, relatively full-featured laptops. The fact that they are very small and therefore quite portable is also a big selling feature, but it is also the compromise that will eventually kill the category. Netbooks are selling well worldwide amid a stagnant notebook market, according to DisplaySearch, which predicts netbooks will account for 20 percent of the world market. Traditional notebooks are expected to have flat sales as netbook display sizes increase. Netbooks are good enough for most of what I want to do most of the time: e-mail, web browsing (including blogging), music, and some occasional online video. I suspect the same is true for many consumers, and because of their low price, they're likely to become the computer of choice for consumers looking for nothing more than light-duty Internet machines.

Netbooks are small, laptop computers that weigh between 2 and 3 pounds. These netbooks have been getting a lot of attention lately since they are so small and inexpensive compared to traditional notebook computers.