Wavefront LASIK eye surgery

Wavefront lasik

Wavefront Lasik is simply one of the many levels that add to the remarkable success that Lasik laser eye procedures give to their patients today. Wavefront is a technology that has been used for many years now, but only lately begun being used for sight procedures and surgeries. Wavefront LASIK may not be for everyone because it removes more corneal tissue than conventional L

ASIK. Patients with thin corneas, high degrees of aberration, severely dry eyes or conditions that affect the lens or vitreous fluid inside the eye may not be good candidates. Wavefront LASIK uses advanced digital laser technology first developed for applications in advanced telescopes. These techniques are able to pinpoint and fix structural abnormalities in the eye with up to 25 times the precision of the methods used by ophthalmology clinics to fill eyeglass prescriptions.

Wavefront LASIK is a procedure which enables the surgeon to tailor LASIK for the unique characteristics of your eyes. Two people with the same prescription do not undergo the same procedure with Wavefront or CustomVue TM LASIK. Wavefront Lasik uses the information about these distortions, gathered from your eyes to achieve a customised laser eye surgery treatment. Wavefront lasik surgery is becoming more and more popular as a form of correcting common vision problems like nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness. The surgery costs around $2,000 to over $4,000 for one eye.

Wavefront LASIK eye surgery is one of the newest and hottest LASIK procedures available today. It has been utilized in Europe for some time now, but it wasn't until recently that it was approved for U.S. Wavefront LASIK lessens the chance of experiencing "higher order" aberrations such as visual glare and halos. While most patients will benefit from custom LASIK, it may not be recommended by your doctor if you have thin corneas, high degrees of aberration, or severely dry eyes because it removes more corneal tissue than conventional LASIK. Wavefront LASIK is only one of the many levels that contribute to the great success that LASIK laser eye procedures deliver to their patients today. Wavefront is a form of technology that has been used for many years now, but just recently begun being used for vision procedures and surgeries.

Wavefront Lasik surgery is not a perfect procedure. Normally, only around 65% of patients are able to regain 20/20 vision or better. Wavefront LASIK, also called custom LASIK surgery is a type of eye correction which uses complex three dimensional measurements on how your eyes react when light enters them. Using these measurements, your surgeon can map out your eye and then use a laser to reshape your cornea. Wavefront Lasik differs from earlier forms of Lasik in its use of precision computers to measure and shape the cornea. Wavefront refers to the software used to control the laser.

Wavefront LASIK provides the surgeon with comprehensive and custom diagnostic information, not available using earlier LASIK technologies. Before the LASIK surgery even begins, the surgeon is better able to determine the appropriate course of vision correction. Wavefront Lasik tends to have fewer chances of complication, and therefore, more and more traditional surgeons are adopting the procedure Wavefront Lasik offers several benefits. For instance, there’s less chance of error because the computer equpment maps the eye’s position and shape exactly.